The Observatory on Youth Entrepreneurship in the Meditarrenean Agrifood sector aims at collecting insights and data that are relevant to support the establishment of programs and projects in the Mediterranean countries.
The Observatory is composed of a set of data that is collected and interpreted on an annual basis to capture and try to explain the trends of youth entrepreneurship in the area. This data is collected through annual surveys which involve the Innovation Support Organizations (ISOs) that are members of the MIP network and through a thorough desk work that collects and systematizes the information collected by various international organizations.

Trends on youth entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean 

From this section of the Observatory, you can find relevant data that contextualizes youth entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean region. Specifically, some of the data presented here is sourced from the databases of various international organizations and re-organized to provide a unique understanding of the trends that affect and will be affected by projects and programs that are and will be implemented in the region. The ISO data, collected through the MIP annual survey represents the other data subset used to provide an overall vision of the dynamics of youth entrepreneurship in the region.