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About us

The Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP) Network for youth entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the agrifood sector aims at favouring knowledge sharing, cogeneration and transfer for entrepreneurship, business creation and innovation.

MIP intends to extend the partnership to other countries and organizations (public and private) from the Euro-Mediterranean region, including also Innovation Support Organizations (ISO) and SME Clusters.


Established in 2016 and coordinated by CIHEAM Bari, it is the frst Mediterranean Network for youth entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the agrifood sector among the following Mediterranean countries: Albania, Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and the International Intergovernmental Organization Standing Working Group in South Eastern Europe (SWG).

In 2018, ICARDA (International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas, http://www.icarda.org), EMUNI (Euro-Mediterranean University, https://www.emuni.si) and LARI (http://www.lari.gov.lb)  have joined the MIP network in order to build-up together the Mediterranean Innovation Ecosystem.


It aims to create the Mediterranean Innovation Ecosystem, enhancing the collaboration among public institutions and Innovation Support Organizations (ISOs) to support the creation and innovation of agrifood enterprises of young entrepreneurs through knowledge sharing and transfer, capacity building and cooperation.


Founder members

Albania European Integration & Projects Department (Ministry of Agriculture)
Algeria Training research and extension  Department Ministry of Agriculture
Egypt Climate Change Information Centre & Renewable Energy CCIRE / Ministry of Agriculture and land reclamation
Italy CIHEAM Bari
Jordan Ministry of Agriculture
Lebanon National Center for Scientific Research CNRS

Lebanese Agricultural Research Institute (LARI)

Morocco Direction of Agricultural Education, Training and Research Ministry of Agriculture
Palestine Ministry of Agriculture
Tunisia IRESA, Ministry of Agriculture
SWG   SWG Headquarter Macedonia