MIP Annual Meeting | MIP Action Plan 2021: Empowerment of our innovation ecosystem | May 6, 2021

This meeting aims at discussing and sharing the MIP Action Plan 2021: intervention priorities at regional and local level to favour youth empowerment. In this regard, activities related to knowledge sharing, capacity building and cooperation projects will be proposed and discussed.

In particular, is foreseen to launch the “MIP 2021 annual report” that is one of the main outputs of the Action Plan 2021. The report is entitled “Innovation and youth entrepreneurship in the Mediterranean agrifood sector: actors, policies and future prospects in a developing ecosystem”. It is the third edition following the two MIP reports 2017 and 2020.

In the frame of a round table, the MIP representatives will share the possible suggestions and opportunities for future cooperation on a Mediterranean and national scale. The future opportunities and activities will be discussed and scheduled together with MIP members.

The main topic of the MIP Action Plan 2021 is fostering synergies among the local innovation actors and other national/international institutions to create new collaborations in order to enlarge the network and contribute to the empowerment of our innovation ecosystem.