Module 4.1 – Moldova

Role of innovation actors and new innovation supply chain models & Innovation Support Organizations: experiences, models and perspectives

Lecturer/Author: Damiano Petruzzella (Head of youth and innovation unit – CIHEAM Bari)

Institution: CIHEAM Bari



CIHEAM Bari axes of action (education and training, applied research and international cooperation), CIHEAM agenda CAPMED 2025, the pillars, inclusive development: investing in new generations and fragile territories. The challenges (youth empowerment, technological and social innovation, new and innovative entrepreneurship). The youth and innovation unit: approach, strategy, objectives, tools (Mediterranean Innovation Hub- MEDAAB and Mediterranean Innovation Partnership Network-MIP). The projects. Innovation chain actors (public institutions, farmers, extension services, etc.) and their role in the Agricultural Innovation Systems (AIS). What is it and who are the new actors, the innovation brokers? European Innovation Partnership –EIP and the EIP operational groups.

Multimedia material