Module 3.3 – Moldova

Knowledge Management Tools across Institutions: Moldova, Morocco, and Sudan

Lecturer/Author: Enrico Bonaiuti (MEL Research team Leader at ICARDA)

Institution: ICARDA



The tools assessment used covering 1. Development, Dissemination and Use of Knowledge Products (e.g. Solutions) 2. KM Areas: Field to Office, Capacity Enhancement, Institutional Memory, Efficiency Processes, Traditional knowledge, Innovations, etc. 3. Single pathway or interlinked for knowledge transformation 4. Policies, Investment and activities in place 5. Enabling conditions, gaps and risks. What are the Tools Domains and structure/process. The use of tools: 1. Initiative building – Project based and long-term sustainability 2. Growing stable community to improve effectiveness over time 3. Compare, Assess and define best value and balance of inputs to sustain delivery at scale. What tools are used (1.Social Media 2. Field collection 3. Social spaces 4. E-learning 5. Collaborative spaces 6. Websites 7. Portals (specific or multi-purpose) 8. Repositories for Data and Information Products 9. Traditional dissemination).

Multimedia material