Module 2.2 – Moldova

Newsletter and social media development

Lecturer/Author: Valerio Graziano (ICARDA)

Institution: (ICARDA)



Part I: Why Writing a Newsletter and Engage in Social Media (Raising awareness, involving the partner and show contributions of partners and donors, capacity Development as a FAIR way to transfer knowledge to the end users, scalability in dissemination and reuse, transparency for Open Access (OA) knowledge. Newsletter and Social Media Advantages. The newsletter format, the attractive keywords and the Newsletter Dissemination channels are related to the target (scientific organizations, farmers, government organizations, private companies). Part II: Metrics. Analytics. The SKiM knowledge portal Content: project and activities, blogs and outcomes stories, researches from contributors, tools and practices, Infographics and Interviews, Partners Spotlights and Upcoming Events. Sources: Original Material and Contributors. Newsletter Layout and Palette. Twitter and Facebook Post Layout and Best Practices.)

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