Module 1.1 – Moldova

SKiM Knowledge Pillars and 2019 overview

Lecturer/Author: Akmal Akramkhanov (Skim project manager-ICARDA)

Institution: ICARDA



Skim focus countries (Moldova, Morocco and Sudan). The project goal: Develop effective and long-term knowledge management-related capacities in target countries. Project outcomes: 1. Improved understanding of KM capacities of the key rural institutions in 3 (+2) target countries 2. Effective learning systems established and embedded in organizational processes with strengthened human and institutional capacities to manage the systematization of good practices 3. Improved knowledge exchanges among stakeholders based on increased adoption of good practices and knowledge transfer for increased SSTC, replication and scaling up. IFAD Sudan Country Programme Knowledge Management Strategy. Contribution of the project to IFAD KM strategy 2019: • Improved curation of and access to content; • Communities of Practices and networks embedded in work processes; • Integrated systems for capturing, systematizing, storing and sharing knowledge at country, regional and headquarters levels; • External knowledge leveraged through partnerships and global engagement; • Evidence, best practices and lessons readily searchable and available (KM portal). Thematic areas: 1. Financial inclusion of rural women and youth; 2. • Natural resource management and climate resilience. 3: Productive agricultural technologies (e.g. water management technologies, conservation agriculture, drought-resilient crops. The project components and activities. The project stakeholders. The logical framework. The progress report and the main deliverables.

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