We share the knowledge to support innovation processes and creation of youth enterprises. MIP is working to promote innovation in the agro-food sector also through knowledge sharing, cogeneration and transfer. In this section the results of MIP researches and information are shared, as well as figures, good innovation practices and surveys.

REPORT MIP 2017 Innovation in the Mediterranean agrofood sector actors, policies and future perspectives in a developing ecosystem

Author: Annarita Antonelli and Damiano Petruzzella (CIHEAM Bari), in collaboration with Jocelyne Jawhar and Laura Scivetti (CIHEAM Bari) and the contribution of all MIP members

Promoting Rural Innovation in the Mediterranean through the Development of Entrepreneurial Culture in Favor of Young People

Author: Damiano Petruzzella, Laura Scivetti, Annarita Antonelli and Jocelyne Jawhar – CIHEAM Bari


This issue (February 2017) is resolutely prospective and rich in the presentation of various experiences in order to contribute to the analysis of the major ongoing agricultural and territorial developments in this strategic area of the world, where the progress and the growth of digital technology and human inventiveness exist outside urban worlds

Innovation processes in the Mediterranean actors, policies and future perspectives of the innovation chain 2016 Report

Author: Petruzzella D. (ed.), Di Mambro A. (ed.). Innovation in the Mediterranean agrifood sector. Concepts, experiences and actors in a developing ecosystem. Bari : CIHEAM, 2016. 86 p. (Options Méditerranéennes: Série B. Etudes et Recherches; n. 74)

Innovation processes in the Mediterranean

Actors, policies and future perspectives of the innovation chain 2016 Report

Author: Mediterranean Innovation Partnership for youth entrepreneurship and technological transfer in agro-food sector (MIP)

Knowledge and Information for Sustainable Food Systems – FAO