Meeting of the Mediterranean Innovation Partnership (MIP) Network for youth entrepreneurship and technology transfer in the agro-food sector – CIHEAM Bari, 18-19 January 2018

The MIP network aims to build up the Mediterranean Innovation ecosystem by fostering the creation and innovation of agro-food enterprises through the exchange of knowledge, training and cooperation. For this reason,  the synergies among public and private actors of the innovation chain in the agro-food sector need to be reinforced.

The aim of the meeting is to build up a MIP-Action Plan 2018-20 starting from the needs and the possible solutions expressed by public and private actors of the innovation chain (research centres, extension services, ministries, enterprises, agencies for technology transfer, etc.) assembled at  the meeting.

This objective maintains continuity with the results of the 2016 MIP survey  “Innovation processes in the Mediterranean: Actors, policies and future perspective of innovation chain”, CIHEAM Bari, which singled out  capacity building, knowledge transfer methods and tools, organization models among innovation actors, lack of data and information on the innovation system, as the main needs of the Mediterranean innovation ecosystem.

The discussion and sharing of the Action Plan will contribute to identify intervention priorities at regional and local level to favour the development of research results transfer processes and the implementation of innovation in enterprises and start-ups in accordance with the SDG Agenda 2030. Sharing  the Action Plan will create new synergies and make MIP to extend  to new Euro-Mediterranean members (public and private organizations), in particular to EU Mediterranean countries, innovation support organizations (ISO) and enterprises clusters.

The first day meeting will gather the actors who will identify and share the possible opportunities for future cooperation on a Mediterranean scale, aiming at building up innovative solutions based on the needs encountered in the MIP countries.

The second day meeting is dedicated to reinforce /foster the synergies among the innovation actors and to create new collaborations (enlargement of the network) to build knowledge, competences and activities.